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About Bruno Taverna

Bruno Taverna is born in Italy, a country to which he is intimately connected because of its historic artistic heritage. Then, he leaves for Swiss, where, as early as his twelfth year of age, he starts cumulating various learnings as well as numerous practices. His artistic competencies are based on the solid acknowledgments acquired at the Musée des Beaux Arts and through numerous independent plastic art courses during his youth.

Then, in Montreal, he pursues with a thirty three year’s career in the world of artistic scenery for TVA Group until 2002. Since then, he aims essentially on the effort and the actual results of his visual creations.

Artistic approach

Bruno Taverna is amongst the contemporary painters whose personal and constant effort has brought his creative development to a high level of original and specific accomplishment. In spite of conceptual barriers now in fashion in some societies, the partial or entire stylization of figurative or abstract art, becomes an esthetically articulated language expressing the conscient quest for beauty. That prerogative stands on two facts: the primordial use of the light itself and the captation by the eyes which translates and personalizes it. Since those myths are living through questions on the real nature of things, beauty appeals to the human sensibility: « Within the floating look of interior silence comes up a resounding visual sonority », bringing us deliberately and consciously to this direct experience.