About Bruno Taverna

Who is Bruno Taverna?

Bruno Taverna was born in Italy, a country with which he has remained linked through his historical artistic heritage. Then he went to live in Switzerland, where, at the age of twelve, he began to accumulate numerous studies and do apprenticeships. His artistic skills rest on a solid base acquired from the Fine Arts and several independent courses in plastic arts during his youth.

Then, here in Montreal, he made a career in the artistic field for the stage for almost thirty three years for the TVA Group Inc., that is until 2002. Since then, he has devoted himself essentially to continuing the process and the current outcome of his visual creations.

Artistic approach

Bruno Taverna is one of the contemporary painters whose personal and constant approach has made his creative development at original and specific stages of accomplishment. Beyond the conceptual barriers in vogue in certain circles, the partial or total stylization of the figurative or the abstract is only the form of an aesthetically articulated language, dedicated to the expression of the conscious quest for beauty. This prerogative is based on two factors: The primordial presence of light itself, and of the capture, by the eye, which translates it internally and personalizes it. From the myths maintained via questions about real nature, beauty challenges human sensitivity: “In the suspended gaze of inner silence mounts the resonant visual sound”. So,